In each Escape Room Mission, you and your team have one hour to solve a series of riddles and puzzles to unlock the room. This involves finding clues, making decisions and following the story of the room.
The cost is $31 per person. We also make special arrangements for larger groups at discounted prices.

I don’t know how many people I will have in my group.

We advise you to reserve the slot for the minimum number of people in your party. This way you can make sure that you keep the time slot you want. You can always show up with more people up to the maximum allowed and then pay the difference when you arrive.

Are we locked in a room?

The object is to escape within an hour but there is always an emergency escape.

Do I share the room with strangers?

ALL ROOMS ARE PRIVATE. The website will close the room and make it private for your safety after booking. If you want to add players after you book a room you will need to give us a call to add them and we will be happy to do so.

When can I play?

Please check out our schedule by clicking BOOK NOW. If any game times do not suit you, you may call and request a special time, as we like to accommodate our customers as much as possible.

How long does this take?

The missions are an hour in length, with a short briefing before and de-briefing after. Expect around 75 minutes in total.

What is the maximum number of people in a single room?

If your group size exceeds our recommended maximum per room, you are welcome to add more people. However, the room may be a little crowded.We have three rooms currently which accommodate 6 to 10 people. You can also book these rooms at the same time to “race” against another team for bragging rights. This option allows for larger groups of up to 28 people at a time. Call (727) 351-5892 or [email protected] us for information about this option.

Can you accommodate really large groups?

Our Largo location can accommodate up to 28 people at the same time, filling all three rooms. Our Clearwater location can accommodate up to 23 people. Call 727-351-5892 for information about this option.

Can children come?

Yes children of all ages are welcome. We ask that children under 12 have a parent parent or guardian present (in our waiting area or in the room). Remember though, that the missions and puzzles may be difficult in our harder rooms. We do have rooms that can accommodate children under 12.

Is this scary?

No. Well, if you get scared easily, the Zombie room may not be for you. The other rooms are not scary.

Where can we park?

Plenty of street parking and nearby lots.

Any cool places to eat or drink nearby?

Many! – Both locations are located near many restaurants.