Escape Room Tips

Escape Rooms Are Great for All Occasions

Solving mysteries has been something people have enjoyed for many years. Not only have they made board games out of mystery solving but there are tons of different mystery solving television shows that racking up millions of viewers every day.

The anticipation and problem solving is something that the human mind enjoys doing and now there are other ways to feed this need with a new trend called escape rooms. Escape rooms are actual rooms that you need to try and escape using clues and solving puzzles with a group of people.

Escape rooms are growing in popularity and for good reason: they make for great party entertainment, team building events, and fun family activities. There are many different levels of escape rooms and tons of different themes to choose from. You can choose scary themes, mysterious themes, classical, or friendly, less-scary ones for younger people who might get spooked easily.

These escape rooms are full of hidden secrets with the end-goal of finding a key to get you out of the room. These clues can lead to items or other clues to get you to that final key. You will be given a time limit to complete the room and find your way out. This gets your heart pumping and full of excitement. Being trapped in an escape room is lots of fun for everyone.

Being in an escape room is an excellent team building exercise for groups of employees. Each room has challenges where every person can offer ideas and strategies, thereby creating a great environment to work together as a team. Team building in the workplace can actually create friendships. New research shows that having a friend at work can boost engagement levels by up to 50%.

Escape rooms are great entertainment for birthday parties for people of all ages. You can create a theme around the room you go in for the entire party, making it a unique party everyone will love. When you are finished in the room, you can have your photo taken to document whether or not you made it out or failed the escape room. Whichever happens, it will be a fun experience that you will remember forever.

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