Escape Room Tips

3 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Can Improve Work Relationships

Too often, the relationships you build in your workplace are simple and surface level. You exchange niceties and the occasional small talk, but nothing much more than that. In most workplaces, these types of relationships can mean trouble. If you need to collaborate in a high-stress situation, you have no idea whether or not your team would succeed.

Team building exercises ensure that you will be able to work together in any given situation. Solving escape rooms together is one of the best exercises out there. Learn why doing a fun escape room could make all the difference in your workplace relationships.

Members Have A Common Goal

Just as your workplace and the departments within it have common goals, everyone participating in an escape roomhas the common goal of escaping. To achieve that ultimate goal, players will have to complete many smaller goals along the way. These smaller goals come in the form of puzzles that gradually give players the pieces to escape the room. With each puzzle that team members face, they have something to unify them. When it comes time for employees to rally around a common objective in the workplace, they’ll already have these goal-oriented skills they built while solving the room together.

Reveal Communication Styles

More than 85% of all workplace failures are attributed to a lack of collaboration and/or ineffective communication. When solving a cool escape room for groups, employees will learn more about how one another communicates. In the process of learning this, your team will also be able to discover the communication styles that work best for your group. This learning can easily translate to the workplace, where communication and effective collaboration are key to a company’s success.

Develops Appreciation Between Members

It is all too easy to take the hard work of your colleagues for granted during a typical workday. When the expectation within a workplace is for everyone to do their daily tasks, nothing seems extraordinary. In an escape room, every small victory brings you closer to solving its mystery and each individual success means success for everybody. You will be able to see each other’s talents and skills while in the room and remember those great qualities back in the workplace.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and effective team building activity, look no further. Contact Escape If You Can to begin your team building efforts today.